We went to my Aunt’s house in Colón. We went out to eat at a hamburger place and after that we went to the movies to watch Secret life of pets 2. The next day we to the river. We saw a man who caught a fish. We played on several different playgrounds. Then we went back to my Aunt’s house. Then we went to a farm. We saw two white spotted deer. Also we saw toucans, peacocks, and parots. We saw guinea pigs and rabbits. The next day we went to a ropes course . I was scared on some parts . There were three ziplines.


We went to the costanera which is a place that is close to the river . The costanera has many playgrounds and a wall that I like to climb . Once a police officer came and told me i can not climb there because I will fall .Yes he said it in Spanish and I understood it! – Nico


When we got to the airport, our aunt (tia) and uncle (tio) greeted us. We rode in the car for 5 hours. The rest of the family was waiting for us. We went in the house and we played with our cousins (primos). We have played so much with or cousins!!— Maggie

In a park at the costanera, the area near the river
The first night

The Trip

In North Carolina when we are at school recess is at 1: 30 and at that time on Thursday we arrived at the airport. We played there for about 7 hours . We got on the plane and in 3 hours our ears started hurting because of the change of air pressure because we were landing to get fuel in Punta Cana. When we took off again I read, played on a phone and slept .When I woke up we were in Brazil, by the next recess time we were in Argentina.


Reading on the plane
Above Buenos Aires


We got butterflies and at the last moment decided to forgo touristing in favor of going ahead to MIA. So… Azucar can wait. And so will we… 7 hours until we board and a decision to dedicate a future vacation to Miami.